Lakes Of Northern Italy
Lakes Of Northern Italy

Lakes Of Northern Italy

The lake Garda
The lake of Garda is the biggest and the most important of Italy, it is located near the Brescia, Verona and Trento provinces in north of Italy. It is well-known by tourists of all Europe for its seashores and its alpine and Mediterranean beauty at meantime. The north area of the lake is narrow, surrounded from striking mountains of 2000m, it is very deep (346m), but especially it benefits of perfect winds to navigate. Therefore, we can get in the boat for the sailing of the lake.

The lake  Como
Luxurious villas with big well-finished gardens enrich its area and offer the proof of the renown that during the centuries the lake of Como always has revealed becoming obliged stop-over for the “ Grand Tour” that had as protagonists aristocrats and European intellectual.
The lake of Como is a lake from Lombardia of glacial beginning, belonging to the Como and Lecco regions. With its 416 meters of profundity (nearby Argegno), it is one of the deepest lakes of Europe. It is the biggest third lake of Italy, after the lake of Garda and the lake Maggiore. It has a distinctive overthrown “Y”- shape .
The tourist desirous to discover the lake of Como cannot miss out on the visit of these unique places. Wonderful gardens during the spring-blooming with kind of plants coming from all over the world and halls that preserve riches and unique artistic time capsules.

The lake Maggiore
The lake Maggiore or Verbano extends along a length of 66 Km, from the italian area to the Swiss one. The part of the lake, where Ancona and Locarno are collocated, belongs to the Swiss area and it has been during centuries place and source of inspiration for intellectuals, artists, musicians and writers of the whole Europe for whom became destination in the 800s, of Grand Tour. It is possible to navigate through the lake Maggiore admiring the islands and its Castles.

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