Lamborghini Factory Tour
Lamborghini Factory Tour

Lamborghini Factory Tour

Visit Lamborghini Factory
Lamborghini Factory Tour Italy : See the birthplace of the most prestigious and sought-after super sports cars!

The Lamborghini Factory is part of our Dream Cars trips, which allow you to live the myth of the best Italian cars brands, Ferrari, Pagani and Lamborghini, through visits to their museums and factories tours and test drives on road and track!

The amazing Lamborghini Factory is inside the Lamborghini complex in the village of Sant’Agata Bolognese, outside Bologna, Italy.

This area between Modena and Bologna in the Emilia-Romagna region is known as “Land of Motors”.

Most of the Italian major producers of super cars and motorbikes are indeed based here: Pagani Automobili, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Ducati and Maserati have their factories in this area. You can visit their factories and see the actual production lines while the cars are assembled.

The Lamborghini complex in Sant’Agata Bolognese includes the Lamborghini Plant, a prototyping center, a lightweight construction center, Lamborghini’s company headquarters, the official Lamborghini Museum and the Lamborghini Store.

The famous car maker Lamborghini has been producing here some of the most sought-after luxury super sports cars in the world for decades (including one of the most expensive Italian cars made).

The company was born in 1963, and the production has always been made at this factory.

The Lamborghini Factory is one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the world. That’s why it has been chosen as subject of a whole episode (Ultimate Factories: Lamborghini) of Ultimate Factories, a series by National Geographic focusing on industrial complexes that represent engineering and technological marvels.

The technological innovations in the car production taking place in the Lamborghini Factory have also been described by Wired in a detailed post: Peek Inside the Lamborghini Factory, recommended reading if you are into car mechanics.

The Lamborghini Factory is open to the public everyday. The guided tour will bring you inside the production lines where cars such as Gallardo, Murcièlago and Aventador are still being assembled by the workers.

Visitors entering the factory premises through the historical gates have the opportunity to see the first station of the production department, where motor components such as crankshaft and camshaft are hand-made from a single, solid iron block.

You will then see the assembly line of the Gallardo LP 560-4 and follow, step-by-step, the making of a super sportscar: from the bodyshell to the interior and the mounting of Lamborghini’s acclaimed V10 engine.

Depending on the day productions schedule, though, visitors can instead witness the handcrafted creation of a Murcièlago LP 640 and its awesome V12 powerplant.

The main hallway houses the actual production line of the engines, which are assembled by highly specialized and skilled workers completely by hand.

At the end of the visit, visitors will walk along the upholstery department, displaying a vast amount of colored hide sheets.

Here, according to customer specification, all leather used for the interiors is cut by a high-tech, computer-aided machine which sorts it according to three different levels of quality, avoiding waste of material; the leather is then manually stitched together.

All areas such as seats, dashboards, tunnel and interior panels will be then covered by hand, ready to be positioned accordingly inside the brand new cars waiting on the assembly line.

Production takes now place on two completely separate lines, at a rate of 11 cars per week.

The tour to the Factory should include the visit to the Lamborghini Museum, and to the official Lamborghini Store, where you will be able to buy your Lamborghini merchandise.

Both the Lamborghini Museum and the Lamborghini Factory (which is usually charged extra, not included in price of the visit to the Museum) are included at a special rate in our following tours:

Our Lamborghini Factory And Museum Tours will allow you to discover the secrets and the high-tech beauty of the production of the world’s wildest and rarest super cars, escorted by an official Lamborghini factory guide, and also to admire beautiful Lamborghini vintage, race and concept cars and to learn about the history of Lamborghini and of his brand.


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