Rome, Naples and Pompeii Tour
Rome, Naples and Pompeii Tour

Rome, Naples and Pompeii Tour


7 days / 6 nights –  All transport services in Italy included – Hotel accomodation with breakfast included

€ 1390


Discover Rome, the Eternal City, and its masterpieces, with our 7-day, Rome, Naples and Pompeii tour, a fantastic itinerary for your first time in Rome.

Rome, Naples and Pompeii Tour

Rome is Italy’s treasure, packed with masterpieces from more than two millennia of artistic achievement. Modern Rome has one foot in the past, one in the present.

A heady mix of haunting sights, awe-inspiring art and vibrant street life, Italy’s Eternal City is one of the world’s most beautiful and inspiring capitals.

In our 7-day Rome, Naples and Pompeii Tour you will discover the must-see attractions of Ancient and Classic Rome learning from our expert guides, the flavors of Naples, the beauty of the Renaissance masterpiece Villa D’Este, the amazing Pompeii.

Tour Details

  • Rome Tour
  • 7 Days (6 nights)
  • Selected wonderful 4* hotels with accommodation for 6 nights
  • Individual  tour
  • Tour code: n. 042313


  • Discover the grandeur of Imperial Rome and the Colosseum with the Imperial Rome Guided City Tour – skipping the lines!
  • Walk Rome’s compact historic center, visiting its most iconic sights such as the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, Piazza NavonaSpanish Steps, with our Classic Rome Walking Tour
  • Experience the romanticism of Rome with the Bus Tour hop-on hop-off
  • Taste world-famous Naples’ food with a gourmet lunch
  • Discover the fascinating ruins of Pompeii and scale the still-active Vesuvio Volcano
  • Visit UNESCO sites in Tivoli: Villa D’Este and Adrian’s Villa


  • Starting from: € 1,390 (per person) from 6 people
  • Starting from: € 1,450 (per person) up to 5 people
  • Starting from: € 1,550 (per person) from 2 people

Hotel on double occupancy.

Cost may vary depending on dates chosen and any weekend, holiday and trade fair date surcharges. For a quote on your dates and number in your party please contact us.

Booking: (by money transfer) 35% in advance, 65%   35 days before departure.


  • Day 1 – Arrival in Rome – free time
  • Day 2 – Imperial Rome Guided City Tour. Free time
  • Day 3 – Best of Classic Rome Walking Guided Tour. Free time
  • Day 4 – Excursion at Napoli, Mt. Vesuvio, Pompeii
  • Day 5 – Excursion at Tivoli and its Villas
  • Day 6 – Hop-on Hop-off  City tour
  • Day 7 – Free time. Departure from Rome



Ready to enjoy the Rome, Naples and Pompeii Tour?

Itinerary – Day by Day

DAY 1 –  Arrival in Italy – Rome

  • Arrival in Rome at Airport
  • Your private driver will bring you to your Rome hotel
  • Free time

DAY 2 –  Imperial Rome Guided City Tour

  • Breakfast in Rome Hotel
  • Imperial Rome Guided City Tour with Skip The Line Tickets
  • Free time in the afternoon

Discover the history of Imperial Rome on our guided walking tour!

As the capital of the Roman Empire, Rome boasts an array of ancient monuments and piazzas that teem with tales of times gone by.

Our expert guide will introduce you to the best that Ancient Rome has to offer. You will learn of Rome’s Imperial past, from the birth in 1000 BC to the apex of the Empire 1,500 years later, visiting Palatine Hill, the Roman Forum and the world-famous Colosseum.

Palatine Hill is the spot where brothers Remus and Romulus battled over who would found the first empire, and where Romulus founded the city that would become Rome.

The Roman Forum, the second top attraction on this tour, is the heart of Ancient Rome, where politicians held rallies before elections, soldiers marched triumphantly down the Sacred Way and the Vestal Virgins decided if men lived or died.

And then you will visit the Colosseum, one of the world’s most iconic sights, inaugurated in AD 80. Our guides, experts in history and archaeology, will lead your Colosseum adventure.

Skip past the long entrance lines with your priority-access ticket and head straight inside to see where Rome’s brutal gladiatorial games and re-enactments of sea battles once took place in front of 82,000 people.

Afternoon and evening at leisure.

DAY 3 – Classic Rome

  • Breakfast in Rome Hotel
  • Classic Rome City Guided Walking Tour
  • Free time in the afternoon

Spend your morning on this classic Rome tour, seeing all the top attractions in Rome’s historic center.

Our expert guides will tell you the stories and anecdotes behind the sights, pointing out the little details you wouldn’t notice on your own, making even the most ancient sites come alive.

Often referred to as an “outdoor museum”, the streets of Rome are home to some of the city’s finest art.

You will stroll along a myriad of cobbled footpaths and picturesque piazzas, pavement-side cafés, baroque churches, fountains and palazzos.

In three hours you’ll walk Rome’s compact historic center, visiting its most iconic sights and some of the lesser-known corners with stories of their own to tell.

You will visit Piazza di Spagna and the Spanish Steps.

You will throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain, the largest Baroque fountain in the city and one of the most famous fountains in the world. Do it according to legend: throw one coin to visit Rome again, two coins to fall in love with an Italian, and a third coin to marry one!

You will stroll to the Column of Marcus Aurelius, and Palazzo di Montecitorio – an elegant Bernini-designed palace that is now used as a parliament building.

You will visit the Rome Pantheon and marvel at the impressive architecture in its dome. Officially a church, the Pantheon contains several tombs of eminent Italians, like the Renaissance genius Raphael.

You will also visit Piazza della Rotonda and Piazza Navona, where you can admire Bernini’s Fountain of Four Rivers.

Afternoon and evening at leisure.

DAY 4 – Napoli and Pompeii

  • Breakfast in Rome Hotel
  • Excursion at Napoli
  • Lunch
  • Excursion at Pompeii and Vesuvio Volcano

Italy’s third largest city, just 1-hour drive from Rome, Naples is also one of Italy’s oldest, most artistic and most delicious cities.

You will wander Naples’ quaint streets, bustling shops, its historic centre (UNESCO World Heritage Site), its swag of royal palaces and castles and buildings such as San Carlo Opera House, Europe’s oldest working theater, and fascinating museums boasting some of Europe’s finest archaeology and art.

You will also taste Naples’ food with a gourmet lunch included in the tour. Naples is one of Italy’s culinary heavyweights, serving up the country’s best pizza, pasta and coffee, and many of its most-delicious seafood dishes, street snacks and sweet treats.

In the afternoon, you will explore Pompeii, Italy’s most famous archaeological site, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site like no other.

Pompeii, a lively city, got indeed buried in ash and pumice by Mount Vesuvius’ eruption in 79 AD.

You can see a perfectly preserved fossil record of ancient Roman life, visiting the most fascinating sites of the city, from plaster death casts to Pompeii’s fast food joints and streets cut out by carriage wheels 2,000 years ago.

After Pompeii, you will scale Mt. Vesuvius for beautiful views over the Bay of Naples.

DAY 5 – Tivoli

  • Breakfast in Rome hotel
  • Excursion at Tivoli famous for its water system, the architecture of its gardens, the pavilions, the artificial caves and the fountains

Discover two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Villa d’Este and Hadrian’s Villa, on this full-day trip to Tivoli.

This historic town lying east of Rome, in the breathtaking Monti Tiburtini hills, has been favored since ancient times as a popular summer retreat for wealthy Romans.

This getaway to the Roman countryside has a nice mix of history and nature.

During this wonderful excursion in the countryside you will learn interesting Renaissance history, discover awe-inspiring archaeological ruins and admire elaborate Italian-style gardens and dazzling fountains on a trip that’s sure to be as memorable as it is captivating.

Villa d’Este, listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, is a beautiful Renaissance garden and palace complex.

The villa was built in 1560 for Cardinal Ippolito II d’Este, and considered to be one of the most enchanting villas of the late Renaissance period: it influenced the development of garden design throughout Europe.

It’s famous for its magnificent garden of centenary trees, grottoes, more than 500 fountains (including a few famous Bernini-designed ones), pools, nymphs, waterfalls, and water sculpture.

Admire marvels such as the Fontana dell’Organo which has inside a water-operated organ delivering music as water flows through the fountain, or the Fontane di Tivoli e Roma, which feature reproductions on a smaller scale of the two cities. All the fountains – except for 2 – still operate on natural hydraulics.

Villa Adriana (Hadrian’s Villa), another UNESCO World Heritage site, was the extensive holiday residence of Emperor Hadrian dating from the 2nd century AD, at the peak of the Roman empire, and built as a souvenir of the monuments and sites he had admired during his travels in the East.

The ruins of the villa are truly impressive, and include the imperial palace, thermal baths, libraries, temples, theaters, and underground passages wide enough for cars.

DAY 6 – Hop-on Hop-off  City tour by bus

  • Breakfast in Hotel
  • Free City tour (hop-on hop-off) by bus
  • Free time

Spend a wonderful and relaxing day while experiencing the romance of Rome,  an audio guided bus tour with a prerecorded commentary with disposable earphones.

Get panoramic views from the open upper decks, relax in the indoor lounges, or jump off at the several stops along the route to visit close-by sites such as Piazza Venezia, Piazza Di Spagna, Vatican City with its Museums, St. Peter’s Basilica, Castel S. Angelo and more.

DAY 7 – Departure from Rome

  • Breakfast in Rome Hotel
  • Free time and transfer from the hotel to Rome airport by private car with driver

What’s Included in the Rome, Naples and Pompeii Tour

  • 6 nights in a 4* hotel in Rome
  • Round trip airport by private car with driver
  • Imperial Rome Guided City Tour
  • Classic Rome Guided Walking City Tour
  • Excursion to Pompeii and Vesuvio
  • Excursion to Tivoli
  • All transportation during the excursions out of the city
  • Daily Breakfasts in hotels


What’s Not Included in the Rome, Naples and Pompeii Tour

  • Flights to/from home city
  • Meals if does not mentioned
  • Beverages
  • Travel insurance
  • City Tax (€ 4-5 per day/ p.p.)
  • Gratuities
  • All that is not mentioned in the program


Ready to enjoy the Rome, Naples and Pompeii Tour?

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